Barack Obama Transition Team is Formed

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So who is part of the Barack Obama Transition Team? And what is the purpose of it? People are saying that even though it looks like he won the 2008 Presidential Election that he is jumping the gun too soon by starting his Presidential Transition a little early. An interesting point that came up was when they had the Presidential Seal with Barack Obama at the top of it. This has been done before by George Bush Jr. in 2000. People are also concerned that he doesn't have the Foreign Policy experience and people overseas don't respect him yet.

Another point of view is that the Barack Obama Transition Team is already scaling back their promises. This means that they'll make excuses like "We've got other situations that we have to handle first". The McCain campaign thinks that they've also started the Transitional Campaign a bit early. In the New York Sun, we saw a picture of Barack Obama with a couple of other Senators. Barack had a relaxed looking picture of himself with his hand in his pocket and his coat swinging behind his back. The Obama campaign said that not only are they planning their transition, but they recommend that the McCain team plan their transition as well. They went onto say that many candidates think about their transition before the election ends.

So who is part of the Barack Obama Transition Team? To start there is Paul Volcker, who served in the Reagan Administration as the Federal Reserve Chairman. Paul has a great reputation including his huge role in reducing the inflation crisis of the 1980's. Barack Obama is hoping that Paul Volcker could repeat history and help stabilize this shaky economy in 2008 through 2012. Next you have Raul Emanuel that served with the Clinton Administration. He is supposed to be the Chief of Staff for Barack Obama. Tom Daschle who used to be a Senator in South Dakota was another possible choice.

Bill Richardson from New Mexico and Senator John Kerry from Massachusetts are two other Barack Obama Transition Team that are being considered for the Secretary of State. Chuck Hagel from Nebraska has the possibility and the administration is looking at him as possibly becoming the future Secretary of Defense. If Obama had his choice, Robert Gates would remain as Secretary of Defense but Mr. Gates has an interest in retiring this year, so he's not available for the job. Robert Rubin and Warren Buffet have a great chance at taking advisory roles in Critical Economic Issues that affect this country.

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Barack Obama Transition Team is Formed

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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