Barack Obama Cartoons - Obama Has Become the Target of Many Critics

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Barack Obama cartoons have been running rampant over the Internet since he decided to run for president in 2008. Obama was well known among political leaders for several years previous to his running for election as he served as a senator for Illinois. His stardom among the public was not launched until he started his 2008 campaign for presidency. Now that he is in the limelight he is aimed at from all sides, politically and socially. Barack Obama cartoons have been a primary source for people in expressing their pleasure or displeasure with the 44th president of the United States.

Obama has gripped the nation with his charismatic demeanor and has the people believing in government again. What he will do and how well he will perform is still yet to be seen. Sadly, he has started this new campaign and the "change" he was promoting to the American people has been very similar to the Bush regime. It is still too early to tell just what he will be able to get done but one thing is for sure, he has a rough road ahead.

The recent legislation to help home owners is a good indication that Barack Obama is really going to look out for the American citizen and this will no doubt prompt the left and the right wing to criticize this move. But the man has to do something and he is doing what he can, it would appear.
Unfortunately, with the way the US media is and some of our radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Obama will crucified for just about anything he does. He has upset the Republicans with his Socialist views and we are seeing things like Barack Obama Cartoons tearing the president down. It would seem that no matter what he does he will not please everyone and this opens up the door for people to take hacks at Obama that are not necessary.

Not all the images and parodies of Barack Obama are negative and some are actually quite funny and clever. On Internet you can find an image of Obama with the planet on his back with a man yelling down to him saying "It's been two weeks, have you saved us yet?!" Unfortunately for Obama this is the sad truth. Many American people are anxious to get the mess Bush made cleaned up and on our way to a better tomorrow. This is not going to happen overnight. This might not even happen in one four year term, in fact, it won't.

Barack Obama has a lot of work to do and people in every facet of society both politically and socially are looking to him to be Superman. He is just one man and has the worst presidency in history to clean up so we need to give him some slack and let him do his job.

Barack Obama cartoons are often suggestive and filled with negative undertones. Do not add to the pressure that is already there by condoning negative images of a man that has done nothing to the American people but make a promise to make things better.

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Barack Obama Cartoons - Obama Has Become the Target of Many Critics

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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